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Meta’s new app is Instagram-accessible and resembles its rival.

Threads, Meta's latest Twitter competitor, was tested. This happened.

Mark Zuckerberg said five million people signed up for Threads, Meta’s Twitter alternative, in four hours after its introduction on Thursday. Its potential?

Threads work how?

Threads lets you sign up with your Instagram account and instantly follow all your Instagram followers as they join.

You can upload 500 characters, photos, gifs, and five-minute movies.

Short texts, likes, and reposts resemble Twitter. Quote a thread like tweeting.
Why does my feed have unfollowed people?

In the hours after its inception, Threads has been criticized for showing postings from accounts users follow and random accounts. Meta says it’s algorithmic and followed accounts. The firm hasn’t said if you’ll be able to see simply your followers’ posts.

DMs allowed?

Direct messaging is currently unavailable. Some alleviation.

Can I keep Instagram private and Threads public?

You can keep Instagram private and make Threads public. Like Instagram, Threads is private by default for under-16s.

You may make Threads private at any moment and determine who can react to your posts.
Like Instagram, is there a “close friends” setting?

There are no plans for it, but you can make your profile private so only your followers can see your threads.

Threads vs. Twitter: Musk vs. Zuckerberg’s major fight?
Can I get it?

Threads is only available for iOS and Android. Meta cannot say when it will release a desktop version.
Threads ads?

Meta won’t monetize Threads this year, but it’s open to adverts.

Change my username?

Meta now allows Instagram logins, and you can use your Instagram username for Threads. Accounts worried about their username being stolen will be relieved.

Can I locate other social media followers?

Meta wants the app to be decentralized like Mastodon and allow users to transfer accounts to other platforms, but not yet.

Threads users will be able to transfer their accounts and follows to other Activity Pub-supported apps if the business makes Threads compatible with Activity Pub.

How’s moderation?

It’s Instagram-like. It will be tighter than Twitter on nudity and hate speech, something Twitter has neglected since Elon Musk took charge.

Why not EU?

Meta sources said regulation has delayed launch in the EU, with doubts about whether the app will comply with tight EU data privacy standards.

According to its App Store data privacy disclosure, Threads can collect health, financial, contacts, browsing and search history, location data, purchases, and “sensitive info,” which concerns privacy advocates.

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