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In this article ,ill take you step by step on how to apply for a Canadian Visit Visa.You will find that getting a Canadian Visit Visa is easy.I will hold your hand and take you thru this journey.

Organize Your Documents and Apply

The reason you are applying for the Canadian Visit Visa is paramount.In addition you need to tell if you visiting for the following reasons.For Example:

  • To Attend a Conference
  • To Visit for Business
  • To visit as a Tourist
  • To visit as a Spouse to a Permanent Resident
  • To Visit Family for a function like a wedding
  • To Visit for compassionate Reasons

Prepare Your Documents

The following are the documents you should prepare before you apply

This is just a summary of the documents .The documents differ from country to country .Furthermore,it’s simply the most common documents.You have to do more Research for your Canadian Visit Visa.

Tourist Visit Visa

To begin with,We will analyze the Tourist Visit Visa first.The following documents are the most important.

Accepted Tourist Vist Visa Documents.

You will need the following documents when traveling as a tourist to Canada:

  • A valid Passport
  • For US citizens {Permit to Re-enter
  • Aliens Passport if stateless
  • USA Refugee Travel Document{Form I-571
  • Other Refugees travel Documents for non citizens
  • A  clear,color copy for your valid passport
  • Passport pages  show your birth date and country
  • Pages with stamps ,Visas  on the passport should be clear

Use of a Representative (Imm5476)If Applicable

People can apply on behalf of the applicants.You can be a family member  to complete this form.


Family Information (Imm 5645)

In addition,you should realize that each applicant 16 years and older should submit this completed form.


Minor Kids (Where Applicable)

Documents  needed depends on whether a child is under 18 years of age.The relationship between the parent and the child matters alot.Click below to read on the terms and conditions for traveling with a minor.

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