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The Kenyan government’s embrace of technology has led to significant improvement across different institutions and essential service providers.It helps know how to track Kenyan Passport. One notable and highly successful initiative is the modernization of passport application and processing. While not entirely eliminating paper usage, it represents a noteworthy shift towards a digital transformation. This updated procedure has resulted in considerable time savings for Kenyan citizens and a noticeable reduction in the notorious queues at Nyayo House. Through the implementation of Kenyan Posta passport tracking, applicants can conveniently determine the readiness of their passports for pickup without the need to visit the immigration office in person.

There are different ways to track your passport as listed below:

SMS Method for How to track your Passport

How to Track passport (SMS OR online)
How to Track your Kenyan passport (SMS OR online)

Tracking passport delivery via SMS is a highly convenient option. It doesn’t necessitate an internet connection; all you need is a mobile carrier and a mobile device. The tracking service operates through the short code 2032, and you can follow these steps to use it.

A.Open your phone’s messaging app and initiate a new message to track the passport

B.In the recipient field, input 2032 and input the tracking number provided during the submission of your documents. Once you’ve confirmed the accuracy of the entered information,
C. press the send button.
D.Subsequently, you’ll receive a text message indicating whether your document is ready for collection or still in processing.
E.To seek assistance from the immigration department in Kenya, use the same code and send HELP. If your document isn’t ready, you can use the same code for additional inquiries.

Typically, the service incurs a cost of Ksh.5 for each sent SMS.

Posta Tracking for your Kenyan Passport

How to Track your Kenyan Passport
How to Track your Kenyan Passport

The Directorate of Immigration in Kenya has joined forces with Posta in a strategic collaboration aimed at optimizing passport delivery services on a national scale. This innovative partnership empowers individuals to seamlessly track the progress of their passport documents through the user-friendly Posta website. To ensure a hassle-free tracking experience, follow these simple steps:

1.Visit the Booking and Collection Portal:

Navigate to the designated portal designed for booking and collection of passports.

2.Input Your  Passport 10-Digit Tracking Number:

Enter your unique 10-digit tracking number, which serves as the key identifier for your passport application.

3.Click on "Track My Passport":

Engage with the system by clicking on the designated "Track My Passport" button.

By following these straightforward steps, you will gain instant access to the Posta passport tracking portal. Here, a detailed page will unfold, providing you with real-time updates on the various stages of your passport application. This streamlined tracking process ensures that you stay well-informed about the status of your passport, contributing to a more convenient and transparent experience. Stay connected with the Posta passport tracking portal.Making it easier for you to navigate through the stages of your passport application effortless

E-citizen Portal for Passport Tracking

How to track your kenyan passport
how to track your Kenyan passport

In the contemporary era, the entire passport application process has seamlessly shifted to a digital landscape.Also,it is facilitated by the user-friendly E-Citizen portal. This transformative approach necessitates individuals to commence their passport journey.By creating an account specifically tailored for passport applications on this portal. Subsequent to the successful submission of the passport application through this digital interface.Also,Applicants gain privileged access to an advanced tracking system intricately woven into the platform.

For vigilant monitoring of their passport’s whereabouts, individuals can effortlessly log into their personalized accounts on the E-Citizen portal. The methodical steps to track a passport online in Kenya unfold as follows:

1.Access E-Citizen and Navigate to the Directorate of Immigration:

Embark on the virtual journey to the E-Citizen portal and precisely navigate to the dedicated section overseeing passport affairs within the Directorate of Immigration.

2.Verify Application Status on the Dashboard:

Within the user-centric dashboard, a comprehensive and detailed exposition of your passport application status awaits. Commonly encountered statuses include "Loading," "Production," "Receiving," or "Ready for Collection." This state-of-the-art tracking feature offers instantaneous visibility into the dynamic progress of your passport application.

This modernized method of passport tracking engenders no supplementary financial burden.Affording applicants the flexibility to scrutinize their passport application’s status as frequently as necessary. The E-Citizen portal’s seamless integration of this sophisticated tracking system underscores the Kenyan government’s unwavering commitment.To furnishing citizens with a transparent, accessible, and economically viable passport application experience.

How long does it take for a Passport Production in Kenya

According to the Kenyan Government a passport should take approximately just 10 days.However ,sometimes it can take more than 2 months as you wait.In addition,it’s Nchi ya kitu kidogo ,it seems the little chai can get your passport printed in two days.

How Long Does a Kenyan Passport last?

how to track Kenyan passport

A Kenyan Passport is valid for 10 Years.When you travel and it gets full ,you can easily just apply to renew a new one.

How do i Book An Appointment for Passport Bio metrics?

The following ways are how you book an appointment for your passport:

1.Register for an e-citizen account.

2.Fill online application.

3.Scan and upload required documents.

4.Pay prescribed fee thru Mpesa

5.Book appointment

.6.Print the duly completed application form and two invoices.

7.Attached copies of required documents such as Birth Certificate,ID copy8.Submission and bio-metrics (on the appointment date)


In conclusion, Take the needed steps to get your passport .A Kenyan passport is quite strong and there are many countries where you can travel without a Visa for example South Africa,Bahamas ,Seychelles among other countries.

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