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Since it’s hard to know how safe it is to travel abroad right now, we prefer to stay home on vacation. one must to find hidden gems in your area. Stay-cations are also a great way to help local companies that are trying to adjust to less people coming from far away.

When you go somewhere close to home, you usually stay for less time and bring less stuff. This means that you should pack better so you can spend less time fussing with your bags and more time enjoying your trip. Find out how with our selection of Zoom lite packing boxes.

Packing cubes help you pack neatly and light.

Our Packing Cubes are made to make it easy to pack for short trips. You can buy each one separately or choose a set combo to save money. To cover all your bases, mix them up with our slim packing tubes and a three-piece bag set. Get enough cubes to fit in your weekender, duffel, or overnight bag and add much-needed spaces to help keep your stay cation luggage neat and organized.

Packing cubes are great for short trips because you are less likely to unpack. This means you’ll have to live out of your bag, and even if you pack it neatly, you’re likely to make a mess when you need to look for something deep inside.

With packing boxes, it’s easier to move things around without making a mess when you’re living out of a bag. You can also remember which cube an item is in if you label it and match its color.

How to use packing cubes on your next stay-cation

With a city vacation, you should be ready for anything because there are so many different things you can do. Here’s a list of what to pack and where to put it.

Matching Clothing

When you’re only going away for the weekend, you don’t want to spend too much time picking out an outfit, but in the city, it’s normal to want to look put together. This is why you should bring tops and bottoms that look good together no matter how they are put together.

Choose things in neutral colors that won’t clash, like blue, black, white, and cream, and pack them into small and medium cubes with tops and bottoms. So, you can grab something from each cube and know you have a full outfit that goes together without having to look too hard or think too much.

Just to Be Sure

Even in the city, you can’t get away from the weather. Pack a light, waterproof jacket, cardigan, or other outer layer that you can wear with everything you bring. Because jackets can be bulky, you should try to bring no more than two. The middle cube is perfect for jackets and other clothes you might need just in case.

Put an extra pair of pants, a nice outfit, or even your swimming gear in this cube in case you end up going to a fancy dinner or the hotel spa. So, you’ll know to only open it if there’s a chance you might need to.


The best way to pack underwear and socks is in thin tubes. One should be enough for all of these things for a short trip. This frees up the other for things like scarves, ties, small clutch bags, and wallets.


It’s easy to see what’s inside a bag because it has a clear window. This makes them perfect for jewelry, watches, cuff links, and other small things that are hard to find.

A Camping Trip

Camping is impossible without packing boxes.Packing cubes are a must if you’re going to spend a few nights in the great outdoors. Camping is all about getting back to the basics, but that also means you’ll have to pack and bring everything you’ll need to stay comfortable.

Packing cubes are the best way to store things on the go and keep things that are similar together. Having your things in order will make it easier to find things in the dark and will help you keep the peace that comes with being in nature.


The middle cube is a great size for a closet. It’s big enough to hold four pairs of jeans, so it will work well to hold three outfits: one for a warm day (shorts and tees), one for a cool day (pants and long arms), and clothes for sleeping. The small box should hold swimmers, a water-resistant jacket, and extra clothes.

All-in-One Cube

When you go camping, there aren’t any regular places to put things, so it’s easy to lose things. A catch-all cube is useful for things you use often and will want or need whether you’re going on an adventure, relaxing on a camp mat, or sleeping in your tent.

The slim medium cube is a great place to keep things like your phone, a flashlight or headlamp, your book, your keys, and any other small things you’ll need often.

Never enough spares

It can be dirty to camp. You should put some extra underwear, socks, and shirts into a thin box. The other can be used for extra microfiber towels, tea towels, or microfiber cloths, which are always useful on a trip outside.


Pouches can be used to keep your useful things together, and they are helpful because you can see what’s inside without opening them. Pouches can be used to carry a multi-tool, matches or a lighter, a portable charger, and cords. They can also be used to carry a small first-aid kit or toiletries, or to keep kitchen cutlery and utensils organized.

A family vacation at home

How to pack for a vacation with the family With packing boxes, traveling and packing with a family will be much easier. How many and what size cubes you need will depend on how many people you have in your family. You could use a Globetrotter Packing Cube Bundle for one or two family members, or you could use a 6-piece bundle to help organize the extras you need for your trip, as in the images below.

Clothes for kids

One good thing about kids’ clothes is that they are small. This means that several outfits, socks, underwear, and even extras like swimsuits and pajamas can fit into a small or slim medium packing cube. Giving each kid a cube will help you stay organized and give them the feeling that they have their own small suitcase.


The medium packing cube is a great way to carry around a toy box. It’s big enough to hold books, soft toys, a security blanket, or any other toys that will keep your kids busy on the road or at your lodging. Smaller things that need to be kept separate, like Legos or art tools, can also be put in slim tubes or pouches.


If you’re traveling with a baby, packing cubes can help you organize things you need for more than one day that might not fit in a diaper bag. You can put diapers, wipes, a changing mat, diaper bags, and anything else you need for a diaper change in a small or medium-sized bag.

Snacks on the go can also be kept in slim tubes or bags, and a small packing cube can hold baby bottles, bottle brushes, and burp cloths. The clear panel on the pouches makes it easy to find important things like drugs, first aid supplies, and wipes.

Ready to explore your area more and worry less about your luggage? Use this link to get ideas for where to go on a break and to shop the Packing Cube Range.

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