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What is a visitor Visa?

A visitor Visa is also called a temporary resident visa.It’s usually a document that is stamped in your passport.It shows that your visa application has been successful.If you meet the requirements needed to travel to Canada.Several ways to apply for a Canadian Visitor Visa.Visitors can stay for up to six months in Canada.The embassy will give you a document called a visitor record that indicates the date you need to leave in Canada with.

Types of Visitor visas

There are two types of Visitor Visa’s,We have Single Entry Visa that allows one to enter Canada only once i.e one time entry only.The other type of visa is multiple entry visa,this is the wish of everyone this kind of Visa allows entry many times.

A multiple entry Visa lets one to travel to Canada for six months at a time as lots of times as possible.Imagine staying in Canada until your passport expires.

How to apply for a visitor Visa

Required Documents

The documents you submit will definitely matter in the decision the embassy makes.Analyze and access the documents closely and meticulously.For a visitor Visa you need to have the following:

Identity Document such as : Passports which have different levels such as regular passport , official passport or diplomatic passport

Several ways to apply for a Canadian Visitor Visa

Aliens Passport for stateless persons this are people who don’t have a particular state

Bank Statement especially for people from African states ,this shows that you will be able to support yourself while in Canada

US Permit or USA Refugee travel Document mostly its form I-571

Letter of invitation as you apply for A vist visa, you can be a visitor under invitation by a family member or a friend.In addition,you will be required to fill the invitation letter.Also, the address of the individual who sent you the invite.

A letter of recommendation from your employer would do a great deal as you apply for the visitors visa

Six Months payslip if you are employed and your pensionable

Apply thru the IRCC PORTAL

Create an account and sign in

When you search the Canadian embassy website you’ll be required to create an IRCC account.You will be asked if you are applying the Visitor visa for yourself or for someone else. You will be required to to fill your email and enter a code that will ensure you have created an account.

Complete the online form and upload the stated documents

Several ways to apply for a Canadian Visitor Visa

You will be asked necessary questions inclusive of why and where and who you are visiting.They will also ask how many countries you have visited.Also,whether or not you have been denied visa before.You will need to state your physical location in your country.The ending includes you uploading the documents that support your visa application.After you’ve verified and uploaded everything you need to go to the next step

Pay with your Credit Card

After you’ve done the required you need to pay for your Visit Visa.You can use credit cards,;aster cards, or American Express.

Steps after Application

Several ways to apply for a Canadian Visitor Visa

The next step after application is to go for your Bio metrics.One books an appointment for fingerprint bio-metrics. One pays for the bio metric fee depending on your country .After payment one gets a letter to instruct you on when the bio-metrics can happen

Note that as you go for Bio-metrics:

  • Your fingers should have no injuries
  • Avoid dressing in light colors ,the brighter the colors the better
  • Ensure that your hands don’t have Henna
  • Head gears should be only for religious purposes

    Processing the Visitor Visa

    The waiting process now begins ,You get to now wait for the results.In most countries Canadian embassy doesnt require one to go for n interview at their offices ,that’s why it’s quite important to have an awesome cover letter to increase acceptance chances.The application process takes one to three months to get the results

    How to check the Application Status

    One should keep checking the application on your IRCC account.Also, to get updates about about your application.You can also use Application Status checker.An application status checker account you need a unique client Identifier and an application number.

    Follow us for more as we help you navigate if you get your application approved.On ways to prepare for your arrival to Canada.Also,We will guide you on steps to take if your visa application is denied.Otherwise we wish all the ones who wish to travel all the best.

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